Local molybdenum and ferromolybdenum prices in China - week 34

产品Price Price change Sales term 45% ...

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产品 Weekly Change (%)
铁矿 62% Fe, CFR China, $/mt -7.82
Scrap HMS I / II 80:20,CFR土耳其,$ / MT -1.66
Billet FOB CIS, $/mt -1.81
Rebar FOB Turkey, $/mt -1.08
HRC FOB中国,$ / MT -1.43
Wire Rod FOB中国,$ / MT -0.96
产品 Weekly Change (%)
Billets FOB China -1.09
铁矿(62%) CFR China -7.82
螺纹钢福伏土耳其 -1.08
Scrap HMS I/II 80:20 CFR Turkey -1.66
Weekly Change (%)
Turkish Rebar Index -0.4
Turkish Scrap Index -0.13
Black Sea HRC Export Index 0.32
US (East Coast) HMS I/II scrap export index 0
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美国废料出口1月 - 5月2020年/蒙尔
Turkey 1,254,918
墨西哥 740,650.
Malaysia 717,986
Taiwan 560,445
South Korea 358,480
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